„A Mouthfull of Happiness …“ The Challah

(Presentation – Movie – Performance)

The Israeli artist and performer Anat Manor presents a special part of the Jewish tradition: the baking and enjoying of the fragrant freshly baked Challah, the bread of Shabbath – a celebration for the senses.
Anat Manor shows how the Shabbath, one of the central aspects of Jewish life, is characterized by feminity. The braided Challah is regarded as the „golden crown“ of the Shabbath. Challah baking is among three most important Mizwot for Jewish woman.
In her films the artist presents impressive examples of Sephardic and Ashkenazic Challah baking in Israel and in Germany. The associations and “images” of the Challah connects Jews of different origin and traditions.

Information Evening on an Art-Education Project

A creative contribution to infant development (presentation and two films). For further information please contact me per email .