Anat Manor

. . . Sometimes I only know how to begin; sometimes I feel how my work will look when completed . . . – Sometimes I think a lot, don’t do anything, and let things happen. My thoughts and my feelings flow through my hand and meet on the worksheet, the territory of my art. The lines take over the storytelling – becoming fibers of my soul, striving for space and borders. Sometimes I work without thinking: intuitively, impulsively, expressively. From time to time I allow myself to “travel” and “flow” with colors and forms.

It’s a “two-track-trip”. Meaning: my approach encompasses both parallelism and duality in its subjects, i.e. in the polarity of belonging versus estrangement, the holy versus the profane, Judaism versus universality, permanence versus the ephemeral, material versus spiritual, provincial versus metropolitan, past versus present, Germany versus Israel.

On one level I deal with a clearly defined subject, which I happen to be interested in, i.e. „bread“ or „window“. There I think about suitable materials and forms, striving for roundness or firmness in my objects and installations, for a successful interplay of disparate elements in a picture or a form, where various individual works (drawing, painting, collage) cohere into a closed cycle. At the same time I wait as long as necessary until I intuitively know that everything will be part of a complete whole.

I prefer not to limit myself, I’d rather experiment playfully, get my inspirations from situations and everyday objects, which I recycle into art. I am in constant need of renewal – every change inspires me . . .